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Boiler Types Explained

Are you in the market for a new boiler? Maybe you have a gas boiler or a combi boiler – and are unsure what the different types of heating do, or how they are likely to benefit you in the long run. Before you go ahead and pay for any heating engineering, it’s a good idea to learn a bit more about different boiler types, and how each might benefit you.

Need a boiler replacement from an engineer near you? Take a look at our guide on what to expect, and how our quote gathering service could support you. In the meantime, let’s briefly run down the different types of boilers your home could benefit from for years to come.

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Combi Boilers

Combi boilers tend to be the most common choices for homes in the UK. They are efficient, affordable, and compact. What’s more, it’s unlikely you will need much pipework at all with a combi.

Combi boilers are fairly uncomplicated on the whole and offer hot water directly to your taps. They don’t use water tanks, which means they are perfect if you don’t have any kind of attic space. Take a look at our full guide to combi boilers for more details.


Gas Boilers

Gas boilers are also fairly common across the UK. As you can imagine, you’ll need an existing gas connection to run this type of system. Despite not being the most energy-efficient of systems, they offer a lot of value for money!

You should also keep in mind that the gas used in these boiler systems is the cleanest you’ll find. That means if you are looking for a clean burn at a fraction of cost, gas could be just the ticket. Read more in our guide.


System Boilers

System boilers are very compact and reliable and are one of the most appealing of all the different types of boilers out there. That’s because much of what you need is built into the boiler itself. There’s no need for any kind of water feed or attic space.

This type of boiler is also extremely flexible and scalable. That means if you want to connect it with something as modern and forward-thinking as solar PV, you can! Combis tend to be more compact, however – read more in our system boilers guide.

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Condensing Boilers

When looking at boiler types for your home, you’ll likely find that most are condensing boilers by design. That’s because a condensing system is more energy-efficient. They work harder to drive energy from heat, and therefore waste less.

This, of course, means that you can also expect to pay less on heating and fuel in the long run! You’ll only really have a non-condensing boiler if you have an older model. However, read our guide to condensing boilers for the full lowdown.


Heat-Only Boilers

Heat-only boilers tend to be some of the most basic of all heating systems, largely existing purely to fuel radiators. However, they can often be very flexible, in that they can operate on open and closed bases. You may need a water tank in the attic to operate these boilers. They are often called ‘conventional’ boilers, and you can learn more about them in our guide.

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Back Boilers

Back boilers represent an outdated standard in heating engineering, whereby a boiler would originally fit behind a fireplace. However, in the mid-00s, these systems were deemed highly inefficient, and engineers and fitters have largely been working with combi boilers and condensers ever since.

If you have a back boiler, it’s worth getting in replaced with other boiler types. Read our guide to back boilers for more details.


Electric Boilers

Electric boilers, as you’d expect, run off the mains, and of the different types of boilers available, they are perhaps the cheapest to install, with the least amount of fuss at setup. They are also very speedy and remarkably efficient.

You may actually save more money by running on a gas boiler than on electric, however – why not check out our guide to new boiler installations, or our electric boilers guide, to learn more?


LPG Boilers

Finally, you’re likely to come across LPG boilers as a modern alternative to old-style oil boilers. LPG is fuel that’s more efficient and their boilers tend to offer more flexibility. They are remarkably compact for oil systems, too!

Again, we have a full write-up on LPG boilers for you to check out, too.

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