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New Boiler Cost

So – the time’s come to replace your boiler. But how much does a new boiler cost these days? Will you have to factor in parts, labour, time – or anything else on top?

When it comes to replacing a boiler, or fitting a new model for any other reason, it makes sense that you’ll be looking into boiler prices. Unfortunately, depending on the type of boiler you buy and the supplier you work with, you might be looking at a big bill.

That, luckily, is where we can help! We’re pleased to be able to find reliable suppliers who can deliver honest quotes for all new boiler fittings.

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How Much Does a New Boiler Cost?

The cost of a new boiler is, naturally, going to vary from type to type, make to make, and installer to installer. For example, when looking at combis, you might pay as little as £1,600 for a budget boiler, or upwards of £2,500 for something top of the range.

Even when you veer towards the budget end of boiler installations, you are still looking at parting with significant money. That’s why it is really important to make sure you set up a boiler with a reputable company.

Good combi boilers should, on average, last you up to 15 years. This may vary with regard to other types of boiler, however, so do make sure – again – to shop around.

If you’re worrying about the difference between types of boiler, or what a new boiler installation is going to entail, make sure to take a closer look at our expert guides!


How Many Quotes Do I Need for a New Boiler?

As new boiler prices are always likely to vary depending on what you need, when, and where from, it makes sense to reach out for quotes. In our experience, three is a nice figure to aim for. That’s because you should expect a general cross-section of what to pay for from different firms.

We work with leading engineers in the heating trade and have built up fantastic working relationships. That means we’re in a great position to offer you some of the best deals on leading boiler brands, installations and more.

When it comes to getting a quote, we will first discuss your needs before approaching suitable suppliers near you. The engineers we choose will then arrange to visit you for free. On the back of these visits, they will offer you a snapshot of the new boiler cost you can expect.

You’ll likely get a choice of boiler types and makes. Make sure to ask any burning questions you have, too – as this will make sure engineers match the most suitable systems for you.

Remember, there’s never any need for you to accept a quote or to move any further unless you absolutely want to. Don’t ever feel pressured into a deal unless you know it’s one you can afford.

Do also take the time to read our guide to boiler grants, too – you might be able to cut down the cost of heating replacement.

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Getting a new boiler set up doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you’re worrying about new boiler prices and that you don’t have the budget to fit your needs right now, make sure to fill out our online form and we will work to find you reliable, affordable engineering services near you.

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