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Boiler Grants

Are you struggling to pay for your home heating? Maybe your current boiler isn’t working as efficiently as it should, and you’re worried about being able to afford a replacement. The good news is, there are boiler grants available to UK homeowners and landlords that might just cut the cost of heating up your property.

The government has brought in a number of measures to not only help combat fuel poverty across the UK, but also to help make homes more energy efficient. If you could benefit from a condensing boiler, and qualify for assistance from the government, you should certainly think about reaching out for boiler grants.

Here’s a quick guide on what to expect from grants – why not check out our rundown on different types of boilers explained, too, if you’re not sure on what to anticipate?

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Applying for Boiler Grants

It’s generally very easy to apply for boiler grants. Under the ECO scheme supported by the government, you can apply for financial assistance for a new boiler through your energy supplier. Be sure to speak to your specific supplier for advice on what to expect.

What you can expect on the back of a boiler grant application is to arrange a free consultation from a home energy assessor. They will take a look at how your home is set up for heating and will ensure that you fit the criteria laid out by the ECO scheme.

Providing you fit eligibility for a boiler grant, there are no reasons why you won’t be able to save cash on setting up a new system through ECO.

Why not check out our guide to home energy saving tips if you want to cut down costs elsewhere in your property, too?


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Eligibility for Boiler Grants

Boiler grants from the government and from qualifying suppliers will, of course, expect you to fit certain criteria. Generally, if you claim any of the following benefits from the government, you may benefit from a boiler subsidy:

  • Income related or job seeker’s allowance
  • Working tax credits (restrictions may vary)
  • Child responsibility (restrictions may vary)
  • Child tax credit (restrictions may vary)
  • State pension credits

Of course, if you are concerned regarding what you can and can’t apply for, it is worth approaching government services directly. Do also keep in mind that you may need at least one of the following, too, when applying for any kind of boiler grant:

  • Disabled child tax credits
  • Disability or enhanced premiums
  • Enhanced pension premiums
  • Parents of children in full time education


What Could I Get from a Boiler Grant?

If you qualify for a boiler grant, apply, and are successful, you may find that you receive an energy efficient new boiler without any extra costs or fees. This could, effectively, save you more than £300 per year in energy costs.

Therefore, if you are finding your energy bills skyrocketing, but you’re worried about the cost of paying out for a replacement system, then make sure to file a grant application.

Make sure to take a look at our guide to condenser boilers and combi boilers, too, as it is these systems that you are most likely to receive through a grant package.

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With boiler grants being more widely available now than ever before, it really does make sense to take full advantage.

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