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Are you wanting to replace a boiler? The last thing you’re going to want to do is to get it replaced when you need it the most – but at the same time, when do experts suggest the best time of year is to get a replacement?

Ultimately, you should never wait to replace your boiler until the last minute.

While it may seem like it makes sense to delay replacing your boiler until the cold weather hits, there are actually many reasons why it can be beneficial to do so in other seasons as well.


What does a boiler replacement entail?

There’s no doubt about it: installing a new boiler is a major undertaking that requires some planning and preparation. But if you plan ahead, you’ll have a much better chance of getting everything done on schedule.


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The good news is that there are many advantages to having a professional handle the job. A skilled installer will know exactly what needs to be done, how to do it safely, and which parts of the house are easiest to access. They’ll also take care of all the necessary paperwork, including permits and inspections.

As such, installing a boiler is still going to take quite a bit of time and effort. It’s therefore a really good idea to book your boiler installation at a time when you won’t be too busy. 

Moving from standard boilers to combi boilers, for example, will take additional work and planning. That means it makes sense to clear your schedule. Ultimately, it’s a good idea to ask for timescales when you opt for a quote from boiler installers and replacers in your local area.

Is it better to have a boiler replaced during the summer?

There are a couple of reasons why it’s better to reach out to boiler installers in the summer months. First off, they typically work more efficiently during this season because they don’t have to deal with extreme temperatures. As a result, they can complete their jobs faster for you. This means that you’ll save money by not having to pay them overtime, either!

What’s more, boiler installers are unlikely to be as busy during the warmer months, so if you happen to find yourself without a working unit in the middle of a cool spell, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding someone who has an opening in their schedule.


When is the Best Time of Year to Replace a Boiler

Why do people choose to upgrade their boilers in the autumn?

It may surprise you to learn that many people tend to look for ways to make their homes warmer and cosier in the autumn, or at least with winter in sight.

It’s the perfect opportunity to ask the professionals to ensure that it’s properly insulated to keep pipes from freezing during the winter months.

Is it a good idea to get a boiler replaced in the winter?

It’s not necessarily a good idea to replace your boiler during the winter, as it’s very likely that you are going to need it at short notice. What if you find yourself without hot water or central heating for hours or even days at a time?

Therefore, many experts agree that arranging replacement boilers during summer makes perfect sense. There’s less chance of you having to rely on your heating system due to the warmer temperatures – you could effectively go for some time without your radiators on and not actually noticing.

That said, everyone’s needs are slightly different. If you are likely to feel the cold regardless of the time of year, be sure to talk things through with your installer.

The best time of year for you to replace or fit your boiler depends entirely on you. We’d likely recommend that you try and book a boiler replacement when you have significant time free on either side, just in case your installation is complex.

Will a boiler replacement take a long time?

That all depends on the replacement boiler you are having installed. Different types of boilers will demand different installation processes. Most modern boilers are likely to be combi boiler models, largely thanks to the savings you’ll get on energy bills, and the lower carbon that’s expelled.

However, the amount of time it will take to get your boiler replaced can also depend entirely on the installer you are working with, too. If you choose an installer or replacement boiler service that handles more than just your conventional boiler, then you may have more confidence in their abilities.

As always, regardless of the type of boiler you are looking to install, it makes sense to reach out to at least three separate companies who can offer you quotes. This should give you a good local cross-section on pricing as well as on servicing and capability.


Is it worth replacing a boiler right now

Is it worth replacing a boiler right now?

If you know you need a more efficient boiler heading towards the colder months of the year, then the perfect time to book a replacement is as soon as possible!

Of course, as mentioned, summer months tend to come recommended for replacements of almost any boiler type – as you are not just taking advantage of boiler installer downtime, but also ensuring that your central heating systems are up to speed for the cold snap ahead.

If you have a regular boiler that’s showing its age and need a more energy efficient heating system to take its place, book in with a local installer now to take full advantage.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon Associate links, through which I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products I genuinely believe in. Visit my Privacy Policy page for more information.